As a small business owner, it’s critical to know what your customers think of your service. Having N.M.R.S. partner with us has been an invaluable tool. The insights we gained from their work has allowed us strengthen our relationships with our customers to provide the best possible experience. N.M.R.S. is the expert when it comes to Marketing Research.
— Chuck Breaux, Sr - President Assurance AV Solutions
“I was interested in gathering feedback from our Customers on our products and services.  Naomi was professional and provided much needed expertise in the strategy and content of the survey.  With the insights gained, we could focus on areas of improvement, and redouble our efforts in the areas our customers felt we delivered the most value.  Narcisse Marketing enabled us to save time and money and increase our customer satisfaction.  The engagement with Narcisse was well worth the time and money invested.  I would highly recommend them.”
5 Stones has been fortunate to partner with Narcisse Market Research a few times. We knew we needed a partner to work with on market research, focus group facilitation and planning. Naomi was professional, organized and diligent. Her attention to our project was very much appreciated. She made the project move forward and provided us with information we needed to successfully complete our project.
— Kim Walker, 5 Stones Media
In addition to making the surveys simple and beneficial, Naomi compiled all the information simple, self explanatory reports. The expertise and ingenuity of NMRS is displayed in their innovative use of resources and ability to adapt to any business. This expertise is a plus for anyone looking to capitalize on opportunities or find direction. I highly recommend Narcisse Market Research Solutions.
— Jordan Johnson, Director of Lacombe Parks and Recreation