Frequently Asked Questions


Understanding today's market trends can be vital your success. 

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what is Market research?

Market research is about INFORMATION. Collecting it, Calculating it, and Figuring out what it means for you organization.


Where does market research happen? 

As a business owner, you can do market research anywhere. 

what is the general market research process?

  1.  Agree on a research process
  2. Establish objectives
  3. Estimate the value of information
  4. Design the research
  5. Collect the data
  6. Prepare and analyze the data
  7. Report the research results with a strategic recommendation

Who is market research for? 

It’s for YOU! You don’t need to be a large company with a large budget to enjoy the benefits of market research. 

When should I do market research? 

If your problems or opportunities fit under the following items you need to do market research. 

  1.  MR as a Sales Driver
  2.  MR as an Insurance Policy
  3.  MR as a Catalyst
  4.  MR as an Annual Report

Why should I use market research? 

Have you ever heard that saying “work smarter, not harder?” When you use market research, you allow customers/clients to help shape your marketing decisions. This makes it easier to make those big decisions because you have the information needed to support your decisions.